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Design office

42 237 11 68

We make designs of various types of vehicles, parts and subassemblies

We carry out all elements of the designing process, from conception sketches and analyses, through industrial design, creating 3D virtual model, tests and numerical simulations, execution of prototypes, up to homologation tests, preparation of documentation and initiation of production.

Own homologation department

We comprehensively carry out processes of homologation tests of vehicles or their parts, according to requirements of local, European and international regulations (i.a. American).


To date we have completed many projects in cooperation with Polish technical universities. We maintain constant cooperation with them, as far as exchange of knowledge and experiences, as well as commercialisation of results of common research and development works are concerned.

Wieloletnie doświadczenie

The strength of our design office consists in many years’ experience of the 30-person team, as well as close cooperation with the homologation and prototyping departments.

In everyday work we effectively exploit most up-to-date engineering techniques and tools, such as rich set of CAD/CAM software, FEM numerical calculation systems, 3D scan and 3D printout. Well-equipped prototype department provides construction engineers with the opportunity to experiment on real objects.


We form a young team, full of energy and commitment, eager to take on new challenges every day.

prototype department

We offer preparation of test objects, as well as renting of bodies-in-white to conduct passive safety tests

Biuro projektów konstrukcyjnych.
Design, homologation tests and launching of vehicle production
Biuro projektów konstrukcyjnych.
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